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With over 20 years of experience, T. R. Young Services is a proven leader in home remodeling in the Alexandria VA area. The combination of our prompt, dependable, courteous services, coupled with the highest quality craftsmanship has set us apart from our competition. Our staff is highly motivated and hardworking, has a broad range of experience and expertise, and always demonstrates a high degree of professionalism.

Whether you're planning a color change for the exterior of your home or need help remodeling your kitchen, we're experienced and eager to help with your project. No matter the size of your project or the level of expertise required, we offer the best solutions that deliver results.

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Home Additions

A home addition is a wonderful way to create more usable space as well as boost your home’s value. Though, many homeowners have worries about what the process will be like and what to expect during the construction process. If you are considering a new Home Addition in Alexandria VA, these are 3 tips that should prepare home owners for their project.

Determine a Realistic Budget

The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a design and stretch yourself thin financially. You should develop a budget that includes the hard cost of the project, a decent contingency number, increases to property taxes, utility expenses and even insurance.

What Do You Need?

Determine what you need above and beyond what you might “want.” Be sure to write down a very specific list of the needs and functions the new space will provide. In addition, it’s always good to have a list of “special” items you might want to consider if the budget ends up having some wiggle room.

Hire A Design Professional

Lots of us think we can design homes without help, but the reality of it is that remodelers provide a great service and design amazing live spaces that the average person just can’t imagine

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Bathroom Remodeling

Quality workmanship shines through on our bathroom remodeling. We combine luxury finishes, green choices for basins, cabinetry and water-wise appliances from all major brands. We can install new materials or work with your existing tile or sinks. We only use experienced master plumbers and electricians to build the comfort and elegance you desire.

Kitchen Remodeling

Tired of the 1950’s kitchen cabinets and 1970’s appliances? From new breakfast rooms to appliances to new cabinetry, our kitchen remodeling team will design the kitchen of your dreams. We’ll show you how environmentally conscious choices can help you create a healthy, energy-efficient kitchen without sacrificing style or performance.